Description of product


-Solid color simple style, light and natural, comfortable experience.

-Coral fleece cloth, memory cotton carpet, non-slip bottom fabric.

-Latex non-slip bottom back, A-type encryption sponge, sponge is hard and flexible, so that the carpet does not curl, so that the carpet is close to the ground (the elderly and children are not easy to wrestle), the suede is not lint, the material is environmentally friendly, soft to the touch, absorbent Good performance, fast drying, should be reasonable.

-Soft foam makes standing extra comfortable.

-The memory foam make the foot shape back to original automatically.

-With a shock-absorbing, non-slip effect, anti-static, anti-bacterial.


Product: Solid Color Carpet

Material: Coral Velvet + Memory Foam

Color: Multi-color optional

Size: 40*60cm/50*80cm

Scope of application: Living room,Dining room,Bedroom,etc.

Bottom description:Environmentally friendly, Non-slip bottom.

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