Description of product

product description:

1, deep cleansing, remove aging keratin, clean dead skin, remove skin oil.
2. It can remove the bad substances such as oil stains and aged cuticles on the skin surface and capillary pores.
3, deep wrinkle removal, enhance skin elasticity, skin skin quality is improved and improved, the skin is bright, white and healthy.
4, nutrient introduction, toxin export, wrinkle and skin rejuvenation, make the skin younger.
5, enhance skin cells, promote permeability
6, no pain, clean, thoroughly clean the skin.
7, pigmentation, dilute dark spots, break down melanin, bactericidal treatment of acne and problem skin.
8, shrink pores, make the skin bright, white, healthy.
9, eliminate wrinkles, skin relaxation phenomenon.
10, firming and lifting V face
Name: Ultrasonic beauty shovel
Colors: White, Black

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