Description of product

FEATURES: 1. This keyboard has been equipped with wireless Bluetooth mini speakers. You can use it as not only a wireless projected keyboard, but also a Bluetooth speaker for your iPhone 6, iPad, tablet, android smart phones, laptop and PC. However, please NOTE that its tone quality is NOT comparable with professional speaker because its voice cavity is limited!

2. We changed mini USB port to Micro USB port in order to be compatible with more USB cables. Even if you lost the USB cable we sent to you, you can easily to find too much compatible cable around you.

3. We upgraded the internal rechargeable battery from 600mAh to 1000mAh. It can work much longer.

4. This keyboard supports auto sleep mode. When you leave it alone for 8 seconds, it will shift to energy-saving mode automatically. The projected keyboard will dim off. To wake it up, just move your finger on the projected area.

ATTENTION 1. This keyboard is NOT waterproof. Please keep it far from water.

2. The laser is safe and passed tests of FDA. However, please don't let laser project to your eyes directly.

3. If you don't use it frequently, please charge it fully at least one time per month.

4. When the environmental light is strong, don't use it because the projected keyboard is not visible enough.

5. When you use it, please put it on flat and opaque surface. When the keyboard keep beeping, it means it's not satisfied with the working surface.-:) Just put it on a flat and irreflexive surface, it will stop crying immediately.

6. If there is anything else we can do for you, please ask a question. Our customer care center will respond with 12 hours.

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