Kamaakshi Botanicals -Turmeric Carrot Seed Face Mask

Description of product

kamaakshi botanicals turmeric and carrot seed face mask is made with carrot seeds, turmeric, avocado, and kaolin clay. carrot extract is high in vitamin a and e and beta carotene. kamaakshi botanicals turmeric and carrot seed face mask works like magic on skin. carrot seeds help you to protect your skin from environmental stress. they have the ability to rejuvenate skin like never before. turmeric helps reduce acne, calms the skin and lightens the complexion over time.

  • treat skin concerns with naturally formulated one size face packs that eliminate blemishes and gives you a youthful looking skin.
  • get that radiant and glowing looking skin that you have always wanted with natural face packs that pulls out impurities and nourish your skin.
  • give your skin a rich feel with the best deals on 1 face packs made with natural ingredients for healthy looking skin.

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